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Welcome To My Website

I was one of the students who took a Bachelor and Masters Programs in Information Systems Gunadarma University. On my website there is a Main Menu that can help visitors to access the required information. There are 6 menu each contain different information:

  • Home
  • About > Personal Data | Experience | Formal Education
  • Achievement > Honor & Award | Converence
  • Portfolio > Competition | Scientific Jounals
  • Gallery
  • Contact > Contact Me | My Classmate

I am currently work at PT Bumi Pertiwi Mandiri as System Analyst and IT Consultant who created, developed and maintenance information systems and applications. I have been working on several information systems projects since 2015.

PT Bumi Pertiwi Mandiri

Company Address:

RC. Veteran Raya Street No. 555 A, Bintaro, South Jakarta

Phone : +6221 22736826

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